SKELZIE or SKELZIES the name changes based on what part of Brooklyn you grew up in.

Here's an old Brooklyn street game you can play when the powers out...or you just want to be outdoors.
All that's needed is a piece of chalk, bottlecaps and a asphalt street or driveway.
This game came to mind a while back when my kid was sitting in the family room with some friends whining about having nothing to do...Surounded by 4 videogame consoles, 2 TV's (one for games, one for watching TV)...2 Computers (his and his moms) and they were entertaining themselves by throwing a piece of chalk at one another. I intercepted the chalk and took then outside to show them this game. They loved it and now we play it often. The best part is you can be any age to play and it makes for some some good outdoor quality time !

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